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The Chairman

The Chairman

Mr. Kenneth, The Chairman and CEO of KC Boogie Property Venture

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Welcome To KC Boogie Properties Venture

K.C Boogie properties Venture is a professional real estate organization that focuses on buying and selling of properties, property consultants, property managers and agents, Estate agents, Auctioneers, Building designers and constructions, assisting in surveying, assisting clients in securing C of O’s, contractors, suppliers, import and exports, political and economic advisers (political and economic relations) and general merchandize.

 When it comes to building, decoration, renovation & management, our team of expert has the international knowledge, extensive experience and proven results to help you reach your goals. Architects, high-end home builders, materials suppliers, interior designers and most importantly, home owners have embraced the possibility of building affordable residence that are sustainable without compromising one iota of comfort, functionality or appearance.

We prioritize adding comfort and convenience to lifestyle which in return saves cost as well as adds additional benefits such as providing a wonderful platform where one can have greater enjoyment of their living space and a healthier overall environment.


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